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14 aug 2013
Pirate Chest with Rounded Top

At some point I made a "treasure box" for my older son that basically amounted to me practicing some box joints and giving him the results.  It turned out to be a bigger hit than I thought it would be and my other son has been begging for a treasure box.  I really didn't want to make another boring square box, so I set out to make a treasure chest with a rounded top.

20 may 2013
Canoe from Scratch Without a Workshop

There is a neat project going on a few houses down in my neighborhood.  You can't miss it - there is a canoe being built out on the front porch.  Makes sense you say - a canoe might be hard to get out of the workshop.  However, in this case the woodworker does not have a workshop.  My friend Jaymin is building the canoe with a $60 bench top table saw from Craigslist, a sander, a drill and his own creativity and enthusiasm.

30 mar 2013
Kids and Scrap Piles

They had a hammer / bottle opener and the little picture hanging kit from the junk drawer (surely everybody has one of those)...

29 mar 2013
The Full Moon Woodworker

This is my first blog entry, so I thought I would introduce myself and the workshop.  My name is Norm and I am the Full Moon Woodworker...

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